Products and services in these web pages are not offered to residents of certain countries where the ATG Best entity may not be licensed or authorized to conduct business. Information on this site is provided on an “as is” basis and is not intended for trading purposes or as investment advice.

Security statement

ATG Best considers information security of paramount importance and we act diligently to protect the privacy and security of our clients’ personal information.
This Statement provides a general overview of our approach to information security and practices to secure our various systems and services. While the nature of information security measures differs across the different services we make available to our clients (including Web-based, telephone and other), this Statement is intended to address the majority of questions our clients may have. If a specific question is not addressed in this Statement, you may contact either your broker or ATG Best’s Client Services Team. Please note that we will address any questions regarding our security practices provided that the answer will not compromise our security measures.

The measures we take to protect our clients include the following:

1. Use of specialized technology, including firewalls and encryption, to limit connectivity to our password-protected Internet sites.
2. Internal and external reviews of our Internet sites and services.
3. Regular monitoring of our infrastructure and related systems to detect vulnerabilities and potential infiltration attempts.
4. Testing of the security and operations of applications and services prior to their introduction to our Web sites.
5. Periodic testing for known vulnerabilities in the technologies which we employ.
6. Controls to identify authenticate and authorize individuals to access sites or systems that are not made available to the general public.
7. Regular updates to our security practices in light of known threats, vulnerabilities and their associated risks.

ATG Best strives to provide the highest level of information system security. However, it is impossible to provide guarantees or legal warranties regarding security. No information security program or technology is failsafe, especially in light of the fact that technology and intrusion methods change rapidly over time. ATG Best regularly monitors our information security program in an effort to minimize the security risks to our operations and to our valued clients.

Beware of Fraudulent E-mails & Web Sites

“Phishing” is a rampant Internet scam that relies on “spoofed” e-mails, purportedly from well known firms, to lure individuals to fraudulent Web sites that look and feel like the well known firm’s Web site. At such Web sites, victims are asked to provide personal information about themselves, such as their name, address and credit card number. These fraudulent e-mails and Web sites may also try to install malicious software on your computer that monitors your activities and sends your personal information to a remote location. With that information, criminals can commit identity theft, credit card fraud and other crimes.

You can protect yourself by following these best practices when using the Internet:

1. Be aware that e-mail is insecure and easy to forge. E-mail that appears to be from a friend or company you do business with may be fraudulent and designed to trick you into providing personal information about yourself or installing dangerous software. Do not respond to e-mails or pop-up messages that solicit your personal information including name, address, social security number, etc.
2. Only access Web sites that you trust. You can either bookmark trusted Web sites or type their address into your browser each time you wish to access one of the sites. However, you should not click on hyperlinks embedded in an e-mail message as the message and hence the hyperlink may be fraudulent.
3. If you receive an e-mail addressed from ATG Best that you believe to be fraudulent, do not respond directly to the e-mail. Instead, you should forward it to ATG Best will investigate the e-mail and respond back to you.

Personal Computer Security Tips

You can protect yourself by following these best practices to secure your personal computer:

1. Install Anti-Virus software on your computer and make sure it is up to date with the most recent virus signatures.
2. Make sure your computer is up to date with the most recent software ‘patches’. Patches are software updates that often address software vulnerabilities that phishing scams and viruses exploit.
3. Install a firewall between your computer and the Internet. A firewall is a buffer between your computer and the Internet that limits access to your computer and blocks communications from unauthorized sources.
4. Please contact the manufacturer of your computer for additional information and recommendations.

Anti-money laundering police

ATG Best, Inc recognizes that the USA Patriot Act, as amended from time to time (the “Act”), imposes important obligations on all financial firms for the detection, deterrence and reporting of money laundering activities. It has established the following policies to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations regarding money laundering.

Prior to the opening of any new account, ATG Best will document the identity, nature of business, income, source of assets, and investment objectives of each prospective customer. Therefore, we will ask to see identifying documents as specified in ATG Best’s Anti-Money Laundering Policy.

On an on-going basis, ATG Best will review account activity for evidence of transactions that may be indicative of money laundering activities. Every officer, employee and associated person of ATG Best is responsible for assisting in the firm’s efforts to uncover and report any activity that might constitute, or otherwise indicate or raise suspicions of, money laundering. To this end, ATG Best provides continuing education and training of all such persons.

ATG Best will comply with all trade and economic sanctions imposed by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control against targeted foreign countries and shall cooperate fully with government agencies, self-regulatory organizations and law enforcement officials. As provided by the Act, ATG Best may supply information about former, current or prospective customers to such bodies.