Management of Private and Corporate Investment Accounts

Upon receipt of your application we will open individual share dealing account in the largest US brokerage corporation. Finance your account in amount from 50.000 USD and we will start earning your passive income thorough professional management of your account.

Your account will be opened at Dorman Trading, one of the largest clearing Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) companies with 50-years experience. Dorman Trading is working in all significant American stock exchanges, being one of the leading clearing services and trust management programs providers.
Dorman Trading is an official partner of the CME Group in training and public information of benefits, risks and advantages of futures trust management.

Managers’s Payment

Manager’s Payment depends on financial results of investor’s account. Profit is allocated as following:

Accounts from $250.000 to $500.000
50% of profit is paid to Manager (quarterly)
50% profit is paid to Investor.

Accounts from $500.000 and more
40% of profit is paid to Manager (quarterly)
60% profit is paid to Investor.

Investor may reinvest the profit into management program or transfer it to the current account. In case Investor initiates early termination of the agreement, Investor shall be obliged to compensate Manager 5% of the total investment amount.

Absolute Profitability Program


Risk Management

We are using risk management instruments developed for ATG Best trading operations performance management. There is a strict diversification of investment capital by markets and sectors. Sometimes we don’t use stop losses for specific positions as we access acceptable possible maximum risk in advance and discuss it with investor.

If you are interested in our offer, please send us a request for an advice and calculation of the profit that you will receive working with us.

Application for consultation

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